Be high-tech without hassle

I know that it takes a lot to manage a business. My job is to take care of the tech and digital aspects that help your business grow so you don't have to.

Managed Websites

My websites are fresh, responsive, and cut down on maintenance. And support services allow you to be completely hands-off and focus on your work.

PC/Network Support

Many, many years in helpdesk positions has exposed me to many systems and device types. Contracted help desk is great for small businesses.

Training and Documentation

Need to get up to speed on new systems? My online bootcamps and customized guides can help those who aren't as tech-savvy get in the loop.

Device Deployment

I'm one of those people who reads Apple's White Papers. I can deploy and manage devices across your your entire business or school network.

POS Solutions

I have become very familiar with a range of POS systems and solutions that can integrate with other services (and your website) to benefit your customers.

Design and Marketing

Need to modernize your brand or reach a new audience? A new logo and marketing campaign can help a lot, and that's just one other thing I can do.

The beginning

I’ve always had a fascination with technology. In 7th grade, I created my first website to share entertaining media and projects. In 9th grade I turned my website into a mobile phone repair business, realizing the potential (before Apple slashed it) for saving people money and making some for myself. A year later, I cycled back to the beginning, offering phone, PC, and tablet repair and website design/hosting services. By the time I graduated high school, I needed to recruit help from classmates and former colleagues to keep up with the work.


I’m now in (and wrapping up) college, and have cycled back again, refocusing my side work to website design and management, technology consulting, and deployment.

Through many internships and jobs working in schools, large corporations, and learning on my own, I’ve built a portfolio of websites, web apps, and a network of professionals in the IT, repair, and digital design industries.

The future

My new goal: bring high-tech solutions to businesses and school, showing them how technology can be efficient and save money. Need help bringing your business or class into the digital age? I think I can help with that…

Pro Support Network

Creating technology solutions to improve workflows and make life better isn't always an easy task, so I wanted to feature some of the people that have assisted me by providing guidance and invaluable support:
Mike Bean

Mike Bean

Bookkeeper, account manager

Mike helps handle the books and manage client accounts for support contracts and services.

Gino Placella

Gino Placella

Technician, mobile specialist

Gino is my experienced field technician, specializing in PC and mobile device repair/support.

Shannon Cibien

Shannon Cibien

Developer, Consultant

Shannon is dedicated CS major that has provided tech and business advice for years.

Nate Dentzau

Nate Dentzau

Developer, Consultant

Nate is an experienced web developer and programmer, providing invaluable support.

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