We bring creative ideas to life,
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Our team of motivated developers and designers want the best for you and your business. We’re dedicated to providing personalized service and delivering beyond expectations.

Our Team

Evan Jensen

Owner, Lead Developer

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Michael Bean

Account Manager, Bookkeeper

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Ryan Burque

Developer, Sales Consultant

Lindsey Gravel

Sales and Design Consultant

Our Story

Back in high school, Evan started making some money after he found it really easy to fix phones and tablets – something that people were paying hundreds for, or replacing their devices altogether. He also took on a few side-gigs managing and refreshing websites for a few local businesses. Between mobile device repairs and a website build here and there, the “business” showed a hint of potential.

Through college, Evan continued offering repair services and general IT support to family, friends, and people in the community. The focus of the business went back and forth between websites and repairs a few times, but that’s alright because things change a lot when you’re in college. When it became clear that Apple was doing everything they could to prevent DIY repairs, Evan dropped these services completely, and got serious about web development.

In the second half of his junior year, the web stuff became more intriguing and business picked up a bit. By the end of senior year, “Smashstar Media” had a handful of clients on contract and got referrals for small gigs here and there. Evan went full throttle with website design and management, doing everything he could to involve his friends in what could actually turn out to be more than just a hobby.

In fall of 2017 while working on a class project for Dr. Anna Cross, executive director of MetroWest Nonprofit Network, a door opened to reveal that a lot of nonprofits could use some help with their tech stuff, whether they knew it or not. A new focus on reasonably priced, dependable services was designed to help these groups. Some small businesses heard about it and began to benefit from the savings, too!

In early 2019, Smashstar Media was formally founded and became a registered business in the town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts. A team of tech-savvy, customer-focused people form the core of Smashstar Media, going out of their way to provide the most personable and dependable services around.