Making the most out of anything and everything to make a difference in your community is no easy task. That’s why we’re here to help with your website, social media marketing, and support for all your digital needs.

A Fully Managed Website

Sounds great, doesn’t it? We provide website design, management, and support services to help you focus on what matters – running your organization. Don’t bother worrying about backups, security updates, or content layout issues. Our team of designers and developers are website pros that will give you an amazing and resourceful website without breaking the bank.

Featuring The Easiest Site Editor.

Managed WordPress – WordPress is the #1 content management system, powering over a third of the internet! We’ve taken this platform to the next level, stripping out anything that requires a Ph.D. in computer science to figure out. We handle everything “behind the curtain,” as many of our clients say, so that maintaining a modern, responsive website is virtually effortless.

Our custom Managed WordPress Dashboard makes it really easy to revise and add new content. Plus, we have a growing library of preconfigured plugins that’ll have your website handling a lot of your busy work.

The new Gutenberg editor, with WordPress 101 integration and custom modules from Smashstar Media make it even easier to update content.

This is Why it’s Awesome…

After helping many nonprofit organizations build and rebuild their websites, we know first-hand what you’re looking for. Take a look at what’s included with your Managed Website:

Donations? Check.

Don’t make your potential donors leave your site – integrated donation forms has never been easier!

Our Nonprofit package includes Forminator Pro, the best form, survey, and quiz plugin for WordPress. Even better – it has Stripe and PayPal support built in. Even [more?] better – we’ll have our WordPress Pros build all your forms for you!

Built-in Marketing Tools.

Hustle Pro – Add social media sharing links to your articles, create pop-ups with configurable triggers, and more.

SmartCrawl Pro – Boost your PageRank and drive more traffic to your site with little effort and simple configuration tools. Plus, support for Twitter cards and OpenGraph are included.

Security and Performance. Handled.

Smush Pro – Automatically optimizes all images uploaded to your site. Smush will serve up graphics for any screen size.

Hummingbird Pro – Configures your site to cache commonly-visited pages and preloads resources, dramatically decreasing page load times.

G Suite Integration. Sweet.

Are you using G Suite for Nonprofits? If not, we’ll help you get it set up (it’s free!), and connect it to your Managed Website. Export form data directly to Sheets, enable Single Sign-On (SSO – use your Google account to log into your website), and more.

G Suite for Nonprofits is free of charge to registered 501(c)(3) organizations. Smashstar Media will act as the intermediary between your organization, TechSoup, and Google to set up the account. Support and Management is included with Managed G Suite – free for up to 5 users.

Portals, Groups, and Downloads

Set up a custom portal to share documents and news with your board. Preconfigured discussion boards, profiles, and file libraries can be opened to the public or restricted for internal use only. No more need for Facebook!

Oh, We’re Not Done Yet…

Domains and Hosting? We’ve got you.

Our Nonprofit package includes your very own “.org” domain name. If you already have one, we’ll transfer it for free (it’ll save you money, we did the math). Plus, your site will be hosted on a fully-managed web server tuned specifically for WordPress websites.

Currently using GoDaddy or WP Engine? You’re overpaying – by a lot. Our team will transfer your domain, emails, and site to our platform, saving your organization money. We offer better performance, increased reliability, and cheaper rates. Plus, we do most of the setup for you and actually answer when you call for support.

Stuck or Lost? Our Team Can Help.

Need to update content but not sure how to do it? WordPress 101 is a collection of video walkthroughs that show you how to use the content editor, add users, manage plugins, and so much more. Find the collection in your Dashboard and related videos throughout WordPress.

Still unsure? No worries. Send us a change request via email or our support portal – we’ll have our developers make any necessary changes within 5 business days (with rush services available as well).

Interested? Want to Learn More?

Reach out to us for more info on our Nonprofit Package. We’ll customize the package to fit your organization’s needs – no reason to pay for services you don’t need!

Reduced hourly rates for Support and Development are available for registered not-for-profit organizations. All you need is a referral from MetroWest Nonprofit Network. Contact Evan for details.

“Nonprofit Support”

We get nonprofits. We’re here to help.

“An Opportunity to Help”

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